PBS NewsHour report on RIP spotlights End Medical Debt

PBS NewsHour report on RIP spotlights End Medical Debt

PBS NewsHour on Thursday, December 12, ran an in-depth story on RIP Medical Debt, announcing  the charity had passed the milestone of forgiving $1 billion in unpayable healthcare bills.

The NewsHour report ended with the book, END MEDICAL DEBT, written by the charity’s founders, edited by Judah Freed and published by Hoku House. The book educates readers about the historic causes and proposed cures for medical debt in America. They noted that each copy sold forgives about $500 in medical debt.

Watch the NewHour story: PBS.org/newshour/

The Charity: RIP Medical Debt

The Book: EndMedicalDebt.com

The Publisher: Hoku House

GREAT NEWS! As a result of the PBS NewsHour segment on RIP Medical Debt and the book, End Medical Debt, because each copy sold forgives about $500 in unpayable medical debt, as of Tuesday morning, RIP has sold enough copies to forgive a full $1 million in debt!

Please share this post and ask your friends and family to buy copies as holiday gifts for their friends and family. You will earn the heartfelt thanks of those  struggling to pay medical bills causing hardship for their own families. 


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