Hoku House

Hoku House

Hoku House is an indie book publishing consultancy

Hoku House founder Judah Freed entered the book publishing industry in 1982. His main activity at Hoku House is helping independent authors and publishers improve their professionalism.

Judah prefers teaching clients how to fish rather than catching fish for them, yet he is available for select projects. Prospective clients may request a free 20-minute consultation.

Hoku House Services:

  • Book Concept Development
  • Book Text Editing or Rewriting
  • Book Interior Design and Layout
  • Book Cover Design and Layout
  • Choosing the Best Publishing Option
  • Identifying Audiences for Your Book
  • Benefits and Risks of Royalty Publishing
  • Benefits and Risks of Indie or Self Publishing
  • Developing a Royalty Publishing Book Proposal
  • Developing an Indie Publishing Business Plan
  • Printing Options, including Print on Demand
  • Kindle and ePub eBook Design and Production
  • Book Marketing and Distribution Strategies
  • Red Flag Warnings about Subsidy Publishers
  • Red Flags Warnings about Book Publicists
  • Leveraging Your Book for Greater Profits
  • Coaching on Writers Block or Other Issues

Hoku House rarely publishes books. Exceptions are End Medical Debt and The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector.