New Edition Published

New Edition Published


Curing America’s Healthcare Crisis

Covid Recovery Edition

As the pandemic peaks and recedes, three seasoned industry insiders reveal the reasons  for $140 billion in medical debt burdening America. They offer insights for surviving and fixing our broken healthcare system.

End Medical Debt; Curing America's healthcare CrisisHighlights of End Medical Debt

  • Paints the Big Picture for the causes and consequences of unpaid medical bills, the affects on families, communities and America.
  • •Offers practical tools and insights for individuals and families dealing with unexpected medical bills they truly cannot pay.
  • Explains the structure and financing of our health care delivery. system. Lays bare how it works, and why it works that way.
  • Critically weighs the major proposed national solutions from the authors’ progressive, moderate and conservative perspectives.
  • Exposes medical costs and debt inequities for the poor, for veterans and for the underinsured middle class.

  • Shows how early hospitals and insurance evolved to became trapped into putting profits before health.

  • Explores the balance between personal responsibility and social responsibility in generating good health.

  • Tells the origin story of RIP Medical Debt. Gives an inside look at buying and abolishing hardship debt.

Each book sold abolishes about $500 in medical debt
The authors and Hoku House donate 85 percent of all proceeds to to buy and erase bad debt at pennies on the dollar.


About the Authors

Jerry Ashton is a forty year veteran of the collections industry who rethought his career after getting involved in Occupy Wall Street. He turned from debt collector to debt for­giver, which led him in 2014 to co-found RIP Medical Debt. Jerry recently retired to RIP’s board and founded to face and solve other societal problems.

Robert GoffRobert E. Goff is a respected expert in healthcare delivery, organ­ization and financing. His leadership roles include hospital administrator, managed care innovator, consultant, and regulator. He recently retired as the CEO of University Physicians Network, based in New York. He’s a founding director of RIP Medical Debt and still serves on its Board.

Craig AnticoCraig Antico bought, sold and collected debt for profit before co-founding a charity, RIP Med­ical Debt. Now he’s a sought-after expert in debt forgive­ness and identi­fying people with debt causing hardship. Town and Country named him a Top Forty Philanthropist of the Year. He’s retired from leading RIP and serves Emeritus on the board.

Reviews of End Medical Debt

“The Covid recover edition of End Medical Debt breaks down the critical issues in a way that’s easy to understand.”
— Marlene Wust-Smith, MD, Physician Outlook Magazine

End Medical Debt demonstrates Americans can come together from across diverse viewpoints and find agreement.”
— Marion Mass, MD, Free2Care

End Medical Debt is special because iadvocates for systemic change while providing tactical solutions for Americans now facing the devastating burden of medical debt.”
— Rohan Pavluri, Upsolve, TED Talk

End Medical Debt is one of the best books I’ve read that explains how our healthcare system became a vorac­ious monster, and the steps we can take, individually and collectively, to keep it from devouring us.”
— Wendell Potter — Center for Health and Democracy

End Medical Debt is exactly what’s needed to jumpstart the national discussion about our current dysfunctional for-profit health care system, and what to do about it.”
— Joel R. Segal — Former senior assistant, U.S. Congress. Co-author, “Affordable Care Act,

End Medical Debt does more than describe the unsustainable structure of our current health care system. The book demonstrates what was always the solution: People helping people, voluntarily and without coercion.”
Ernest Hancock,  FreedomsPhoenix

End Medical Debt confronts an important, sad truth: No one asks to be sick. It’s hard enough being poor; it’s hard enough being sick. But being poor and sick becomes a death sentence for some, a life sentence of indentured servitude for others. It’s time to lift this yoke off the necks of the most vulnerable and defenseless members of society.”
— Alan Grayson, Former U.S. Congressman (D-FL)

“How can a system that pays more per patient than any other country have such dismal health outcomes? While we await long overdue systemic changes in America’s healthcare industry, we can be inspired to act on the practical, humane solutions served up by authors Jerry Ashton, Robert Goff and Craig Antico in End Medical Debt.”
— Nancy A. Niparko, MD, Child Neurologist

End Medical Debt is a must read that reveals the truth about the U.S. public health system. Medical debt and Covid-19 resurgences are the inevitable outcomes of a system that is killing America.”
— Katherine Sullivan Founder, 360 Wellness Solutions

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