Debt News Roundup – 4.25.19

Debt News Roundup – 4.25.19

Reporting on the dangers of having cancer and being undocumented, Kaiser describes the poor health care situation in South Texas, where the income cutoff for Medicaid is $3,827 annually for single parents and nearly 30 percent of residents are uninsured. Accessing a public hospital requires traveling hundreds of miles and crossing boarder checkpoints…
VT reports on a viral Twitter post where a man who attempted suicide last summer shared the resulting hospital bill: $93,000. He captioned it, “This is how expensive it is to attempt suicide in the U.S.”

According to AP News, in South Carolina hospitals have been seizing the tax refunds of people with medical debts, amounting to at least $92.9 million across 172,000 seizures in 2017. “The state benefits by tacking on a $25 debtor fee to each seizure, collecting a total of $12.6 million in 2017.”

4/24 – AP – S. Carolina Law Allows Tax Refund Seizure over Medical Debt

Compiled by Daniel Lempert, RIP Medical Debt

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