Debt News Roundup – 4.17.19

Debt News Roundup – 4.17.19

The NY Post reports on research done by that found the average emergency medical bill is $12,000 before deductions or insurance, and that the average American pays 49 percent of the bill out of pocket!

In response to The Seattle Times‘ investigative work last month, the Washington State Senate approved new legislation which will provide more protection for consumers from debt collection agencies, including lowering the post-court judgment interest rate to 9% and prohibiting “pocket service” — initiating a summons for a patient before filing in court.

Glamour and Reveal News both detail the various ways that Americans are unable to pay their medical bills, from single parents missing out on much-needed tax refunds (Glamour) to an injured factory worker who never received a workers’ comp claim form (Reveal News).

Compiled by Daniel Lempert, RIP Medical Debt

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